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He is refused a place to sleep several times before an old couple welcomes him. As punishment, he destroys the town but spares the people who took him in. affected their art greatly. In the 600s BCE, their contact with artisans on Crete and Cyprus influenced their work in metals, gems, and jewelry making. Bronze was a particularly popular material during the Archaic Age. indd 43 10/23/14 11:43 AM cheaper than gold or silver, but still durable, and it could be manipulated to produce a range of colors.

A notable exception was with the hetairai. These women were paid to provide the entertainment at the symposia, and were known for their charm and engaging conversation skills. Often they could dance and play musical instruments, too. Hetairai usually came from a different city-state from where they worked and, unlike other women, they had the right to speak to men in public. also assumed most of the financial responsibility for the family. Women contributed by taking care of most household tasks, such as cooking and weaving, either doing the work themselves or directing slaves.

Indd 36 10/23/14 11:42 AM CHAPTER 4 DAILY LIFE T he fiercely independent Greek city-states were forever going to war and then making truces— until the next war. Despite their differences, however, the Greeks were united by their rich, established culture. They lived in a structured society in which daily life was predictable and rituals and customs dictated most behavior. Men met to discuss philosophy and politics at parties called symposia, but citizen women were not allowed to attend. indd 37 10/23/14 11:43 AM MEN AND WOMEN Greek society clearly defined the separate roles of men and women.

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