April 20, 2017

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By Norman J. G. Pounds

The critical subject matter of this ebook is the altering spatial trend of human actions over the last 2,500 years of Europe's historical past. Professor kilos argues that 3 components have decided the destinations of human actions: the surroundings, the attitudes and different types of social association of the numerous various peoples of Europe and finally, the degrees of expertise. in the huge framework of the interrelationships of atmosphere, society and know-how, numerous vital topics pursued from the 5th century BC to the early 20th century: payment and agriculture, the expansion of towns, the advance of producing and the function of exchange. Underlying each one of those topics are the discussions of political association and inhabitants. even supposing the publication is predicated partially of Professor Pound's magisterial 3 volumes An old Geography of Europe (1977, 1980, 1985), it used to be written specifically for college kids and readers drawn to a common survey of the topic.

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They varied greatly in site, plan, and style, but data are inadequate for generalization. Many, perhaps most, lay within a short distance of a fortified enclosure which served as their central-place and refuge. Scattered settlements were not uncommon, but they must have been exposed to some danger in this age of internecine warfare. Peasant huts were built mainly of wood, like those excavated at Biskupin. Some were of turf and in some area? like Dartmoor in southern England and Scandinavia, the rough stone which rose to the surface of the soil was used.

O. History of Ancient Geography. , 1948. Wright, J. K. The Geographical Basis of European History. New York, 1928. C. for study. A date could have been chosen a century earlier or a century later; the result would have been much the same, for in the material things of life change was remarkably slow. C. made up for one corner of Europe a period of particular interest and importance. It was the time when classical Greek civilization flourished and bequeathed to posterity a legacy in literature, art and philosophy which has never at any time lost its significance.

THE SOILS OF EUROPE The quality of the soil was a factor of profound importance in the human settlement of Europe. It was not the intrinsic fertility of a soil that mattered, but rather the ease with which it could be plowed and sown. It mattered little that the land might have to be abandoned after a few years, provided simple wooden plows, or even hoes, were effective in tilling it. Thus the earliest soils to be cultivated north of the Alps were not the clays, intrinsically rich in nutrients, nor the valley alluvium, which defied man's early attempts to drain it, but the light loamy soils, the gravel terraces, and even the sandy heathlands, than which few soils could have been poorer.

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