April 19, 2017

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By Walter L. Hixson (auth.)

Over the process 3 centuries, American settlers helped to create the richest, strongest kingdom in human historical past, at the same time they killed and displaced thousands. This groundbreaking paintings exhibits that American historical past is outlined by means of settler colonialism, offering a compelling framework by which to appreciate its upward push to worldwide dominance.

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86 As in other genocidal campaigns, and illustrated in the chapters that follow, American settler colonials carried out indiscriminate assaults and massacres, perpetrated rape, conducted summary executions, confiscated and destroyed property, engaged in collective punishment, 20 AMERICAN SETTLER COLONIALISM removed children, and almost never punished the perpetrators of these war crimes. Massacres in the United States and other settler societies often targeted women, children, and animals. The killing of women and children was not merely incidental or spur of the moment but rather intrinsic to the ethnic cleansing project.

The name stuck, and remains preferred by many Indian peoples to this day. Many of the names that 26 AMERICAN SETTLER COLONIALISM Europeans subsequently applied to North American Indian tribes—Creeks, Sioux, and Navaho for example—were also contrived yet they too endure. ” “Indians” have never existed as a single coherent entity rather Europeans invented the homogenizing trope. This invention of “Indians” created the colonial binary of savagery and civilization from the moment of contact. Once the category of “Indians” was created, distinguishing features had to be elaborated.

Just as they would kill animals or exploit nature to eat and to live, indigenous culture allowed for violence against other people. Indigenes viewed war as a natural activity to promote manhood and keep the community strong and secure. Indian culture demanded “blood revenge” for attacks against family or community. Once revenge had been taken, the conflict could end. Violence in such cases was reciprocal and proportionate rather than indiscriminate and total. Pre-contact Indians typically did not engage in genocidal campaigns against their rivals.

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