April 20, 2017

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By Paul Allen

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About Crow 21 Attack 26 This Year 30 Natural Causes 32 A Self-Admit 35 Judy 46 Letting the Rabbit Scream 48 His Breakfast 51 Lapses 53 The Man with the Hardest Belly 55 The Day Spike Eisland Went Home 60 Note for in the Morning 62 Come Home 64 Pickup 66 Tattoo #47, "Happy Dragon" 69 Even the Sparrow Has Found a Home 71 Page xiii PROEM: rope I I'm not expecting anything again. Still I check the mail, early afternoon heading toward the street looking for sign fresh tracks in the sand under the box, scalloped tire marks tying neighbor to neighbor, all flags down up to the cul-de-sac.

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Allen, Paul, 1945- American crawl / Paul Allen. p. cm.  Title. 54dc21 96-49504 CIP Design by Amy Layton Cover art, "Keeper of the Door," by Jere Allen Page v Acknowledgments Grateful acknowledgment is made to the editors of the following publications where some of these poems first appeared: Ascent: "American Crawl" and "Letting the Rabbit Scream"; The Chariton Review: "Attack''; College English: "This Year"; Crazyhorse: "My Daughter's House" and "Pickup"; Iowa Review: "Dear Friend," and "Rope" (under the title "Sabbatical"); Laurel Review: "His Breakfast" (under the title "Miss Rose Chisolm, Lois Day.

After all, we tried anything on the outside, swilling the tapes of Victory At Sea or toward the end, napping at dawn, Westend, in efficiencies crawling with first names. So we gather like partisans at the door of the dark sound room with our pass word, yes. (Are you up on your medicines?  In the odd dark, we design ourselves on the wall then the wall-to-wall mat, lying flat, allowing ourselves space between our selves to let tonight's recording do its work, usually a kind of water.  Then lets us go back to our rooms Page 45 where despite what is best for us, despite the session and all the night's voice tried to do with the sea, we may, if we choose, close our doors, turn on our one lamp, and make bleating heads eating our walls all the shadow animals our hands can manage while we wait for a sleep of our own.

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