April 19, 2017

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By Donna L. Van Raaphorst

This learn offers the single to be had chronologically whole background of Alcatraz Island. It demanding situations many quite often held assumptions approximately Alcatraz as a jail for risky criminals. This research essentially demonstrates that Alcatraz and Alcatraz inmates weren't what most folks think them to were. apart from a handful of colourful excessive profile prisoner's e.g. Al Capone, the Birdman of Alcatraz, the inmates have been remarkably like these in different federal penitentiaries. even if now not excessively brutal, as Hollywood videos depicted it, the establishment used to be harsh in its personal method. This paintings may still attract a large viewers from the general public generally and to these in educational associations.

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S. Department of the Interior, Historic Resource Study Golden Gate National Recreation Area, California Division, The Rock: A History of Alcatraz Island, l847-1972, by Erwin N. Thompson (National Park Service, Denver, Colorado, l979), 1. Note that this chapter and the following one are rather brief. Thompson’s work and to a lesser degree John A. Martini’s Fortress Alcatraz should be consulted for those especially interested in the earlier historical periods of Alcatraz Island. 60 Donald J. Hurley, Alcatraz Memories, Rev.

Lieutenant Prime’s four-year tour of duty on the Island ended, and he was eager for a new assignment. That fall and summer, he made Totten aware of his intentions, and he ultimately went on to command a post in Mobile Bay, Alabama. 95 By all accounts, McPherson disliked his new assignment intensely. 96 Love it or hate it, it was now McPherson’s task to complete the construction on Fort Alcatraz. Prior to his departure, Lieutenant Prime finished a hairpin road reaching the top of the southeast hill and to the stockpile bricks on the hill for the defensive barracks.

These stood on a slope facing San Francisco, above the proposed South Battery location. Tower had purchased a small sloop in order to transport the workers out to the Island, but before their work was completed, they ran out of money due to the high cost of labor. The construction help came from rank-andfile 49ers who had not struck it rich. Comparing their wages to workers back east, these men fared well. For example, a skilled mason might earn two or three dollars a day in New York City, compared to his counterpart on Alcatraz who made ten to twelve dollars a day.

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