April 20, 2017

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4 Existence of hyperholomorphic connections The following theorem is the main result of this section. 19: Let M be a compact hyperk¨ahler manifold, I an induced complex structure and F a reflexive sheaf on (M, I). 11. 26, it is clear that a hyperholomorphic connection is always Yang-Mills. 8). 17. 19 takes the rest of this subsection. Let I be an induced complex structure. We denote the corresponding Hodge decomposition on differential forms by Λ∗ (M ) = ⊕Λp,q I (M ), and the p,q p−1,q−1 standard Hodge operator by ΛI : ΛI (M ) −→ ΛI (M ).

For every ε, there exists a rational class ωε ∈ H 2 (M, Q) which approximates ωI with precision (ωε − ωI , ωε − ωI )H < ε. Since O is open and contains ωI , we may assume that ωε belongs to O. Take a sequence εi converging to 0, and let xi := ωεi be the corresponding sequence of rational cohomology cycles. Let xi := λi xi be the minimal positive integer such that xi ∈ H 2 (M, Z). 5). First of all, xi converges to ωI , and the map 2 c : H 2 (M )\Hinv (M ) −→ R/{±1} 5. C-RESTRICTED COMPLEX STRUCTURES 65 is continuous.

Thus, for compact M , we may speak of the natural action of SU (2) in cohomology. Further in this article, we use the following statement. 6: Let ω be a differential form over a hyperk¨ahler manifold M . The form ω is SU (2)-invariant if and only if it is of Hodge type (p, p) with respect to all induced complex structures on M . 2. 7: ([Bea]) A connected simply connected compact hyperk¨ahler manifold M is called simple if M cannot be represented as a product of two hyperk¨ahler manifolds: M = M1 × M2 , where dim M1 > 0 and dim M2 > 0 Bogomolov proved that every compact hyperk¨ahler manifold has a finite covering which is a product of a compact torus and several simple hyperk¨ahler manifolds.

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