April 20, 2017

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By Jeffrey J. Clarke

In “Advice and help: the ultimate Years, 1965-1973,” Jeffrey J. Clarke describes the U.S. military advisory attempt to the South Vietnamese military through the interval while the U.S. dedication in Southeast Asia used to be at its top. The account incorporates a vast spectrum of actions at numerous degrees, from the bodily challenging paintings of the battalion advisers at the flooring to the extra refined undertakings of our senior army officials on the maximum echelons of the yank army information command in Saigon. between serious matters handled are our command relationships with the South Vietnamese military, our politico-military efforts to aid reform either the South Vietnamese army and govt, and our implementation of the Vietnamization coverage inaugurated in 1969. the end result let us know a lot in regards to the U.S. Army's position as an agent of nationwide coverage in a severe yet usually missed enviornment, and constitutes a big contribution to our figuring out of not just occasions that happened in Vietnam, but additionally the selections and activities that produced them.

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For a detailed treatment, see Allan E. , 1970), and, located in SEAS, CMH, the following: Airgram (72 pages), State A-131 to Saigon, 13 Aug 71, sub: Some Aspects of Personal Relations Among Senior RVNAF Officers; DlA South Vietnamese officer biographies (on microfilm); copy of Intelligence Memorandum ClAtCR M66-20, Directorate of Intelligence, CIA, 27 Jul 66, sub: Selected Personalities, Republic of Vietnam; and South Vietnamese officer dossiers. The officer corps was about 20,000 strong, with 16,000 aspirants and lieutenants, 3,000 captains, 1,000 majors, 250 lieutenant colonels, and 100 colonels and generals.

11936; Alexander S. Cochran, Jr. , '~merican Planning for Ground Combat in Vietnam, 1952- 1965," Parameters 14 (Summer 1984): 63- 69. II See Westmoreland, Soldier Reports, for biographical data. ' The regular armed forces consisted of about 250,000 men, organized into a conventional army, navy, air force, and marine corps, well equipped with tanks, artillery, ships, and aircraft. ' Although consisting mainly of small rifle units, the territorials had begun to receive modern radios, vehicles, and small arms during the early 1960s, and their capabilities had increased considerably.

Regional Forces ..... • .... •...... Popular Forces .. ......... • ...... National Police ......... .......... Civilian Irregular Defense Group Coastal Force ' ................ 246,284 96,049 168,317 31,395 21,454 3,747 261,000 110,000 161,500 40,800 21,000 3,900 265,500 106,500 151,000 40,800 21,000 3,900 Force Army... . ..... . •... ..... •... •.... • Later integrated in to the navy. SoWrrt: Memo, Sternberg to COMUSMACV, 7 Jul 65, sub: RVNAF Strellgth Summ,uy, SEAB, CMH.

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