April 19, 2017

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By P. Abbott

One of many in most cases acknowledged virtues of contemporary constitutional democracies is their ability to insure trustworthy and authorized tools of political succession via election. This publication specializes in one specific, although now not unusual, worry within the democratic mode of political succession: American vice-presidents who suppose place of work a result of dying, assassination or resignation of a president. 3 easy innovations through “accidental presidents” to set up and increase their legitimacy are pointed out and evaluated. whereas none are reliably winning, every one presents a lens to review the character of presidential energy and authority in addition to to give a contribution to a democratic idea of succession.

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This page intentionally left blank Chapter Three Millard Fillmore “God save us from Whig Vice Presidents” When Fillmore assumed the presidency upon the death of Zachary Taylor, the “traumatic specter” of John Tyler was very much on the minds of Whig leaders. 1 Weed’s concomitant advice to select another exemplar to instruct him, “the inflexible firmness” of Taylor, constituted a demand for an homage strategy. The leader of the New York Whigs raised the standard issue of rex facing an accidental president, arguing that Tyler had ignored homage, which was the only appropriate way to gain acknowledgment as president.

Voting against it meant violating the principle of instruction, an important part of compact theory for Tyler. After gathering much advice, Tyler resigned his Senate seat. Whigs, of course, were delighted by Tyler’s opposition to the expungement, and party leaders hinted at future benefits should he stay in his seat. Democrats offered Tyler a judgeship in return for a quiet retirement from the Senate (which he rejected as insulting to his high political status). When Tyler resigned, he disappointed Whigs.

When Fillmore assumed office in 1850, he faced a party rife with internal conflict. Fillmore therefore was really being warned by Weed not to abandon the faction supported by the dead president. The situation was even more complex than Weed’s analogy suggested. Tyler was placed on the ticket as an antiJackson Democrat. Though his own early party allegiances were complex, Fillmore was selected as vice president as a balance to the slaveholding general. During Fillmore’s accidental presidency, intraparty policy disputes were reversed.

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