April 20, 2017

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Pu t a d n e x t t o t h e de pe n de n t cla u se . ____ I can visit wit h m y friends at t he m all. ____ Aft er I pract ice m y m ult iplicat ion fl ash cards Form t wo different com plex sent ences using t hese clauses. 1 . ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 2 . 2a I can use correct capitalization and end punctuation. 2a I can use correct capitalization and end punctuation. Rewrite each sentence using correct capitalization and end punctuation.

____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 3 . Our fam ilys are t akeing us t o see t he new baby wolfs at t he zoo. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 4 . We t hrough our french frys in t he garbaj e aft er we droped t hem . ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 5 . While sit ing on t he park benchs, we saw t urkies wit h t hier babys.

_____________________________________ Is this a simple or compound sentence? _____________________________________ Use but to write a compound sentence. Use and to write a simple sentence. 1i I can write simple and compound sentences. Pa r t I Cir cle t h e con j u n ct ion in e a ch of t h e se n t e n ce s be low : I m ade m yself a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch t oday. I s t his a sim ple or com pound sent ence? __________________ Roger want s t o go t o school, but he doesn’t feel well.

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